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Theranostics in Prostate Cancer

Phillip J. Koo, MD, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, Phoenix, Arizona discusses how theranostics will change the way physicians treat prostate cancer by helping select the appropriate patient for therapies and showing which ones respond. Keywords: prostate cancer, theranostics, nuclear medicine, therapeutics, diagnostic agent...

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Q&A Ask the Expert | Re-Evaluating Patients with Gleason 8

E. David Crawford, MD asked expert Francisco G. La Rosa, MD, FACS about reporting Gleason grades.   E. David Crawford, MD Francisco G. La Rosa, MD, FACS Question by E. David Crawford, MD: Dr. La Rosa, there seems to be some variation on how prostate biopsies are reported. My recollection of the Gleason system is that the most predominant pattern is reported. Please explain how a biopsy may be reported as a Gleason eight whereas the tumor may be a Gleason seven (i.e. 3+4). Answer by Francisco G. La Rosa:  This apparent discrepancy may be due to two different...

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Hereditary Prostate Cancer

Alexandria M. Meyer, MS, MA, CGC, of Ambry Genetics, Aliso, CA, explains how prostate cancer can be an indicator for hereditary cancer susceptibility and the importance of genetic testing. Keywords: hereditary prostate cancer, genetic testing...

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