Seth P. Lerner, MD, presented “Lymphadeneactomy in Invasive Bladder Cancer: Knowns and Unknowns” during the 3rd Annual International Bladder Cancer Update on January 23, 2019 in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

How to cite: Lerner, Seth P. “Lymphadeneactomy in Invasive Bladder Cancer: Knowns and Unknowns” January 23, 2019. Accessed Apr 2021.

Lymphadeneactomy in Invasive Bladder Cancer: Knowns and Unknowns – Summary:

Seth P. Lerner, MD, describes the anatomy of and the stage specific association of lymph node metastasis, as well as evidence supporting the anatomic extent of bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy. Additionally, he provides commentary on current Phase III clinical trials comparing extended lymph node dissection (LND) to standard LND.

About the International Bladder Cancer Update 

The International Bladder Cancer Update (IBCU) is an annual one-day CME conference focused on bladder cancer treatment updates. IBCU takes place during its sister conference, the International Prostate Cancer Update (IPCU). The conference’s faculty consists of international experts, and the event caters to urologists, urologic oncologists, and other healthcare professionals. In addition to didactic lectures, IBCU features interactive discussions, a panel roundtable, debates, and case presentations. Dr. Lerner presented this lecture during the 3rd IBCU in 2019. Please visit this page in order to learn more about future IBCU meetings.