Management of Nocturia: An Unmet Need in LUTS


Accredited for 1.0 CME Credit
Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Hour

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The definition of nocturia has been as nebulous as its etiology and management. However, clinically relevant nocturia is generally accepted among urologists to indicate two or more voids that are preceded and followed by sleep. The economic burden of nocturia is substantial and includes injuries from falls, lost work productivity, and intangible losses such as distress, behavior changes, and confinements.

Nocturia is a gender-neutral entity with multifactorial underlying causes. While many studies have investigated the epidemiology of nocturia, the lack of standardized terminology has obscured research results. The relationship between sleep and LUTS deserves special mention given the role of sleep in overall health and quality of life.

As clinicians who frequently encounter this vexatious entity, it is essential for clinicians to approach patients with nocturia systematically. This activity will review the underlying causes of nocturia, and outline an approach to its diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

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