Daniel J. George, MD, presented “TheraP Trial and Effectiveness of Lu-PSMA-617” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in May 2021.

How to cite: George, Daniel J. TheraP Trial and Effectiveness of Lu-PSMA-617” May 2021. Accessed Oct 2021. https://grandroundsinurology.com/therap-trial-and-effectiveness-of-lu-psma-617/

TheraP Trial and Effectiveness of Lu-PSMA-617 – Summary:

Daniel J. George, MD, Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Divisions of Medical Oncology and Urology at Duke University, comments on the TheraP trial that was presented at the 2021 GU ASCO conference. He reviews the results of the study, compares prior research, and discusses side effects of the treatment. The TheraP trial compared Lu-PSMA-617 against cabazitaxel in mCRPC patients with prior docetaxel chemotherapy. Dr. George contrasts this trial with the VISION study that analyzed patient response to abiraterone and enzalutamide during the chemorefractory setting, but which lacked a comparison to cabazitaxel. He emphasizes that the TheraP trial used two PET scans to identify PSMA-dominant tumors and excluded patients with FDG-positive tumors. This subset of patients was then assigned to either cabazitaxel or Lu-PSMA-617. Results showed increased progression-free survival as well as a decline in PSMA. Dr. George describes some of the side effects of Lu-PSMA-617 and concludes that it may be an optimal option, especially for patients with FDG-negative tumors.

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