The 6th Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer is a unique multi-disciplinary forum organized to inform the key health care stakeholders about the emerging advances in clinical case and research and create a consensus-based vision for the future of precision care and educational and research strategy for its realization.

The mission of the Summit is to fill the currently existing gap between the key experts of in vivo imaging, the world authorities in the in vitro fluid- and tissue-based molecular diagnostics, including genomics, and thought leaders in the development of novel observation strategies (e.g., active surveillance, or AS) and therapeutic interventions.

View flyer here for our outstanding selected speakers and members of the Steering Committee.

The 6th Global Summit will build on the success of the previous Global Summits, which have emerged as the seminal events in recognizing the importance of a comprehensive, multimodality diagnostic evaluation (radiogenomics) and its integration with clinical decisions, including appropriate interventions and management. To learn more about the Annual Summit history and highlights, please visit here 


The scope of the Summit includes a full spectrum of patient care cycle:

  • Current and future advances in “smart screening”;
  • Diagnostic assessment of men suspected of prostate cancer (PC);
  • Selection of patients for biopsies and improved tissue sampling;
  • Improved diagnosis of localized PC and selection of patients for appropriate care (e.g., AS, image-targeted, minimally invasive interventions, or immediate standard treatment, such as radical surgery or radiation);
  • Improved early diagnosis of recurrent and advanced PC, including oligometastatic and systemic metastatic disease;
  • Expanded discussion on image-guided, minimally-invasive treatment and its clinical utility in localized, recurrent and advanced disease compared to other therapeutic interventions; and
  • Increased participation of the organizations leading training, accreditation, regulatory and reimbursement policies to expedite clinical evaluation and adoption of promising novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

We would welcome sponsorship of the 5th Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis and Treatment for Prostate Cancer. Please review Sponsorship Levels and Sponsorship Registration Form.

If you have any questions and/or need more information regarding the planned Summit program or sponsorship, please contact our office by email ( or phone 617-523-3535.

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