Shyam S. Sukumar, MD, presented “Decision-Making in Urethroplasty​” during the 24th Annual Innovations in Urologic Practice on September 13, 2019 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

How to cite: Sukumar, Shyam S. “Decision-Making in Urethroplasty” November, 2019. Accessed Dec 2020.

Decision-Making in Urethroplasty – Summary:

Shyam S. Sukumar, MD, discusses endoscopic versus reconstruction techniques for treating patients with urethral strictures. He observes considerations in cost, complications, and success rates in techniques such as direct vision internal urethrotomy and urethroplasty, and emphasizes the importance of physicians familiarizing themselves with numerous techniques in order to tailor repair choices based on patient needs.

About the 24th Annual Innovations in Urologic Practice

Innovations in Urologic Practice (Innovations) is an annual, multi-day, CME-accredited conference devoted to innovative diagnostic and treatment strategies for and controversies related to some of the most common urologic problems in the current era. The topics covered include oncological management of the bladder, kidney, and prostate. The conference also emphasizes general urology topics in pelvic reconstruction and trauma, men’s health, and infections in the urology patient. Dr. Sukumar presented this lecture during the 24th Innovations in 2019. Please visit this page in order to register for future Innovations meetings.