Shyam S. Sukumar, MD, presented “Management of Penile Urethral Strictures” at the 27th Annual Innovations in Urologic Practice conference on September 22nd, 2023.

How to cite: Sukumar, Shyam S. Management of Penile Urethral Strictures.” September 2023. Accessed May 2024.

Management of Penile Urethral Strictures – Summary

Shyam S. Sukumar, MD, shares his insights on the management of penile urethral strictures. He begins by differentiating stricture management, where the stricture is being treated directly, such as a stricture caused by external trauma, from stricture disease management, where the stricture is a symptom of what is being managed, such as a stricture resulting from an infection.

Dr. Sukumar then reviews the indications for a diagnosis of a penile urethral stricture, and presents appropriate contemporary endoscopic and reconstructive options for penile stricture treatment. He cautions that the only appropriate endoscopic option is urethral dilation, and presents data on the pitfalls of urethrotomy and DVIU.

He then explores the reconstructive options for treating straightforward and complicated strictures. He presents an algorithm to determine the best treatment options between penile skin flaps, oral graft inlays, composite repairs, and staged reconstruction. 

Dr. Sukumar concludes by presenting photographs of reconstructive treatments in action. He encourages practitioners to be familiar with multiple techniques, as there is no one-size approach to stricture management.


About The 27th Annual Innovations in Urologic Practice:

Presented by co-chairs Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH, and Michael Coburn, MD, FACS, the Innovations in Urologic Practice conference provides a detailed review and commentary on multiple genitourinary and urologic diseases. Among the featured oncological topics are bladder cancer and immunotherapies, as well as upper tract cancer management, prostate cancer, including state-of-the-art imaging, focal therapy, and MRI. Experts also discuss new tools and techniques for nephrectomy and treating advanced renal cell carcinoma. In terms of general urological approaches, the conference also includes pelvic reconstruction and trauma; men’s health topics like male infertility, andrology, and sexual dysfunction; OAB and voiding dysfunctions; and ways to diagnose and treat infections in the urology patient.

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