Arvin K. George, MD, presented “Focal HIFU” during the 26th Annual Southwest Prostate Cancer Symposium conference on April 13, 2023, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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How to cite: George, Arvin K. Focal HIFU.” April 13, 2023. Accessed Jun 2024.

Focal HIFU – Summary

Arvin K. George, MD, discusses the use of Focal High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation for prostate cancer treatment. He begins by listing the indicators and guidelines for Focal HIFU, particularly after failed radiation therapy.

Dr. George then walks through the selection process for Focal HIFU. He presents the ideal patient and disease characteristics for HIFU ablation therapy, and contraindications for the treatment, including tumor size.

Turning to complications associated with HIFU ablation therapy, Dr. George discusses the common early-, medium-, and late-stage complications associated with Focal HIFU, the most common complications for Focal HIFU ablation therapy being urinary retention and erectile dysfunction. He discusses strategies for avoiding common complications from HIFU.

Dr. George concludes by reviewing patient outcomes of Focal HIFU ablation compared to other treatments for prostate cancer. He presents studies comparing failure-free survival outcomes between patients treated with Focal HIFU over three, five, and eight years compared to other established prostate cancer treatments.

About the 26th Annual Southwest Prostate Cancer Symposium:
This conference educated attendees about advances in the management of localized and advanced prostate cancer, with a focus on imaging, technology, and training in the related devices. It included a scientific session, as well as live demonstrations of surgical techniques. You can learn more about the conference here.