Focal Therapy Learning Center

Section Editor: Arvin George, MD
Associate Editors: Abhinav Sidana, MD, and Jonathan S. Fainberg, MD, MPH

As a result of an increasing amount of clinical data, interest in focal ablation for the treatment of localized prostate cancer has grown immensely over the last fifteen years. We are Drs. Arvin George, Abhinav Sidana, and Jonathan S. Fainberg, urologic surgeons with research interests in using minimally-invasive, image-guided treatments of prostate cancer. As editors of the Grand Rounds in Urology Next Generation Focal Therapy Learning Center, we have created an educational resource that will help you develop an effective approach to focal prostate ablation in your practice, including diagnosis, patient selection, treatment technologies, and patient follow-up. These will include curated lectures on a range of focal therapy topics, original presentations, expert discussions, interviews with leaders in the field, and procedural training, and will be regularly updated as this treatment modality continues to evolve.

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This section will build your expertise in how to utilize prostate MRI, the role of novel PET scans, as well as the use of tracers in patient selection/ risk stratification.


This section will increase your awareness of fusion biopsy, co-registration 3d alignment of MRI with prostatic ultrasounds, and the outcomes of fusion biopsy.


After reviewing the content of this unit, you will be able to implement a range of focal therapy technologies in your practice.


This section will build your understanding of how to create a treatment plan after focal ablation, including how to follow patients after ablation; complications that can follow focal procedures; how complications can be managed; how often to use MRI and surveillance; and how to interpret PSA in a post-ablation setting.


This section will expose you to a range of perspectives from thought leaders on how they implement focal therapy to help inform your decisions in your own practice.



This section will help you build evidence-based support for the use of focal therapy in your practice.


Dr. A George - Thumb

Arvin George, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland

Arvin George, MD, is an Associate Professor (PAR) of Urology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. He is a urologic surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and management of genitourinary cancers. Dr. George’s research interests include minimally-invasive and image-guided treatments, functional prostate imaging, and focal therapy for prostate cancer. His research aims to identify appropriate use for imaging in diagnosis, risk stratification, and management of prostate cancer, including active surveillance and selection/treatment of patients with novel focal therapy modalities. Click here for his full GRU bio and publications.


Dr. A George - Thumb

Abhinav Sidana, MD
University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, IL

Abhinav Sidana, MD, is an Associate Professor of Surgery and a urologic surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and management of urologic cancers at the University of Chicago Medical Center in Chicago, IL. Dr. Sidana’s current clinical practice includes both surgical and non-operative management of prostate, kidney, ureteral, testicular, and bladder cancers. His research interests include functional prostate imaging, image-guided and focal treatments for prostate cancer, and clinical trials on novel treatments for urologic cancers. Click here for his full GRU bio and publications.

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Jonathan S. Fainberg, MD, MPH
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York
Dr. Fainberg is a urologic surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis, surveillance, and treatment of localized prostate cancer. He is particularly interested in image-guided interventions to diagnose and treat prostate cancer, specifically focal therapy and active surveillance.