Dr. Baum

Neil H. Baum, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Urology at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the author of Marketing Your Clinical Practice – Ethically, Effectively, and Economically, which is in its 4th edition, has sold over 175,000 copies, and has been translated into Spanish. He also wrote The Complete Business Guide to a Successful Medical Practice, which was published in 2015, and is the author of numerous other publications on managing a urology practice. In this series, Dr. Baum presents quick tips on a variety of timely, relevant topics for the practicing urologist.

Dr. Baum - Chronically Late Patients

Managing the Chronically Late Patient

Neil H. Baum, MD, discusses techniques for managing chronically late patients to improve productivity in a medical practice.
Dr. Baum - Patients Second

Patients Come Second

Neil H. Baum, MD, argues that the best way to make a medical practice more successful is to focus on improving the experience of employees.
Dr. Baum - Practice Evaluation

Practice Evaluation

Neil H. Baum, MD, goes over 4 steps to conduct a medical practice evaluation to help improve a practice’s efficiency or prepare it for sale.
Dr. Baum - LEGO

Lessons from LEGO Blocks

Neil H. Baum, MD, considers five lessons medical practices can learn from the successes of the LEGO toy company.
Dr. Baum - Marketing

The Future of Medical Marketing

Neil H. Baum, MD, provides 8 suggestions for marketing and promoting a medical practice in 2022 and beyond.
Dr. Baum - LBJ

Lyndon Johnson and His Kidney Stone

Neil H. Baum, MD, reflects on how US history & healthcare could have changed had Lyndon Johnson’s kidney stone not been successfully removed.
Dr. Baum - EOBs

Bottom Line Shrinking? Check Your EOBs

Neil H. Baum, MD, discusses the importance of reviewing explanations of benefits (EOBs) in a medical practice to ensure appropriate compensation.
Dr. Baum - Elephant

The Elephant and Chains: Adding New Technology

Neil H. Baum, MD, argues doctors are artificially constrained by old practices, like an elephant conditioned to be held by weak chains.
Dr. Baum - Hand Size

‘Hand Size’ and Healthcare

Neil H. Baum, MD, considers how common healthcare metrics can be faulty, much like the idea that larger hands signify a better quarterback.
Dr. Baum - AI

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Neil H. Baum, MD, discusses current and future applications of artificial intelligence in medical practice.
Dr. Baum - Surveys

Conducting Patient Surveys

Neil H. Baum, MD, gives recommendations on how urologists can improve their practices by conducting patient surveys.
Dr. Baum - Mission Statements

Organizational Mission Statements for Medical Practices

Neil H. Baum, MD, gives advice on how medical practices can formulate organizational mission statements, and explains why they are important.
Dr. Baum - Phone Tree

Time to Cut Down the Phone Tree

Neil H. Baum, MD, discusses the problems with phone trees and gives suggestions for how medical practices can replace them.
Dr. Baum - Elevator Speeches

The Elevator Speech: Getting Your Point Across in Thirty Seconds

Neil H. Baum, MD, explains how physicians can use elevator speeches to advertise their practice to potential patients & business partners.
Dr. Baum - Staff Meetings

Conducting Effective Staff Meetings

Neil H. Baum, MD, gives advice on how urologists can improve staff morale in their practices with effective meetings.