John Cucci presented “The Role of URO17 TM in the Diagnosis and Management of Bladder Cancer” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in June 2021.

This educational activity is sponsored by Acupath Laboratories, Inc.

How to cite: Cucci, John. The Role of URO17TM in the Diagnosis and Management of Bladder Cancer” April 2021. Accessed Jun 2024.

The Role of URO17 TM in the Diagnosis and Management of Bladder Cancer – Summary:

John Cucci, an executive at Acupath Laboratories, Inc., introduces the URO17 TM antibody, a promising adjunct to cytology for bladder cancer diagnosis. Mr. Cucci explains that while cytology is the standard technique used in diagnosing bladder cancer and has a high positive predictive value, its sensitivity is low. URO17 TM detects the expression of keratin-17, a protein strongly associated with bladder cancer, and has greater than 95% sensitivity and specificity. Mr. Cucci goes over the promising early results for URO17 TM, as discussed in several papers, and notes that it has been given an expedited clinical trial process by the FDA. He also looks at its potential clinical utilization, both as a screening tool for hematuria patients and as a long-term monitoring tool for bladder cancer patients after they complete therapy. He emphasizes that URO17 TM can cheaply and effectively provide additional and reliable information for the pathologist and urologist to more appropriately rule in or out additional diagnostic work-up in patients. Mr. Cucci concludes by presenting a graphic of the URO17 TM diagnosis categories and risk meter.