Karen L. Stern, MD, presented “Point-Counterpoint: 24-Hour Urine Tests vs. Empiric Therapy – 24-Hour Urine Tests” during the 30th Annual Perspectives in Urology: Point-Counterpoint, on March 10, 2023, at Humphreys Half Moon Inn, San Diego, California.

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Point-Counterpoint: 24-Hour Urine Tests vs. Empiric Therapy – 24-Hour Urine Tests​ – Summary

Karen L. Stern, MD, discusses the benefits of 24-hour urine tests over Empiric Therapy alone in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. Dr. Stern cites American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines urging “additional metabolic testing in high-risk or interested first-time stone formers and recurrent stone formers.” Dr. Stern explains that metabolic urine testing, such as the 24-hour test, is effective in screening for other relevant health issues, in addition to providing treatment guidance. 

She cites data that show that kidney stones lead to renal dysfunction, and emphasizes that kidney stones often need more than dietary recommendations to treat. Medical therapy can help reduce stone recurrence. 

Dr. Stern points out that 24-hour urine tests track patient compliance. She then discusses the adverse effects of medication and asserts that 24-hour urine testing helps focus the therapy on the patient’s individual needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Stern summarizes her points that 24-hour urine testing for kidney stones is guideline-supported, provides a workup of a chronic disease, provides effective screening, tracks compliance, and avoids unnecessary side effects and costs for patients.

This lecture is part of a Point-Counterpoint debate. Its opposing lecture is “Point-Counterpoint: 24-Hour Urines vs. Empiric Therapy–Empiric Therapy.

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