Mack Roach III, MD, FACR

Mack Roach III, MD, FACR

 of Radiation Oncology and Urology University of California, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Mack Roach III, MD, FACR, is a Professor of Radiation Oncology and Urology in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, San Francisco. He earned his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Roach chaired one of the most important large prospective randomized trials comparing different strategies for locally advanced prostate cancer. He has gained international recognition as an authority on treatment planning for prostate cancer and served as senior author for the guidelines for treatment planning published by the American College of Radiology. Dr. Roach is a member of several professional societies including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, the NCI IMRT Working Group and American Joint Commission for Cancer Staging, the American Cancer Society Task Force for Cancer Screening Guidelines (Prostate Cancer), and the NCI Concept Evaluation Panel (Prostate Cancer Phase III Trials). He has co-authored more than 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and editorials. His major research interests include brachytherapy and the application of 3-D conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) treatment-planning technology as a major component of combined modality management of prostate cancer and other solid tumors.


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