Physics of Intraoperative Dose Planning for Focal Brachytherapy

Ren-Dih Sheu, PhD, DABR, presents an overview of intraoperative dose planning for focal brachytherapy in prostate cancer treatment. He begins by presenting the two most common options for Focal Radiotherapy: Brachytherapy using LDR Seed Implants and EBRT using Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). He compares the reaction dose fall-offs for each treatment, demonstrating Brachytherapy’s faster radiation fall-off compared to EBRT, despite its higher initial radiation dose.

Dr. Sheu then lists the steps for determining the initial dose and other patient-specific factors affecting the implementation of focal brachytherapy. He highlights factors associated with late local failure and increased patient mortality, emphasizing the importance of high Biologically Effective Doses (BEDs) in preventing recurrence.

Dr. Sheu provides the audience with the equations for determining appropriate BED in Brachytherapy and EBRT patients. Finally, he covers techniques for limiting radiation damage to the patient.

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