A Grand Rounds in Urology Conference Report from the Future Directions in Urology Symposium held on August 9-12, 2015 at Colorado Springs, Co.



Keywords: Prostate cancer, biomarkers, PSA, Gleason score, epigenetic, methylation, adjuvant radiation therapy, genomics


Medical Editor:

E. David Crawford, MD
University of Colorado Denver
Aurora, Colorado


Jack A. Schalken, PhD
Radbound University Medical Centre
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Wim Van Criekinge, PhD
University of Ghent
Ghent, Belgium

Robert B. Den, MD
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M. Scott Lucia, MD
University of Colorado Denver
Aurora, Colorado


Researcher-physician E. David Crawford, MD, Jack A. Vickers Director of Prostate Research and Professor of Urology at the University of California, San Diego, has devoted his career in medicine to educating the public about men's health issues and finding effective techniques and procedures to address prostate cancer, the most common malignancy affecting men in the United States.