E. David Crawford, MD, summarizes talks from the session he moderated on Men’s Prostate Health during the 31st International Prostate Cancer Update in July 2021 in Snowbird, Utah. See below for links to full presentations from the conference as well as related panel discussions.

How to cite: Crawford, E. David. “IPCU Session Review: Men’s Prostate Health.” July 2021. Accessed Jun 2024. https://grandroundsinurology.com/ipcu-session-review-mens-prostate-health/

Lectures from this Session:

Diet Only and Prostate Cancer – Mark A. Moyad, MD, reviews several trials showing the impact of dieting to lose weight on cancer and cancer recurrence, focusing particularly on prostate cancer.

The Third Dimension in Prostate Cancer DiagnosisFrancisco G. La Rosa, MD, discusses in vivo 3D imaging and how it can benefit physicians in treating prostate cancer.

Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: A Path Forward – E. David Crawford, MD, discusses the challenges of early detection of prostate cancer, the role of markers in identifying patient risk, and the impact of early detection.

The Prostate – Highlights of Prostate Cancer Advances as Covered in ASCO-SEP – Marc B. Garnick, MD, provides a capsulated summary of key references from the ASCO Self-Evaluation Program (ASCO-SEP) 7.

Patient Advocacy for Prostate Conditions: Advocate Perspective – Wendy L. Poage, MHA, discusses a survey done with primary care physicians, explains what the Prostate Conditions Education Council, a non-profit advocacy group, has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides action items to urologists to help with advocacy work.

Session 1 Panel Discussion:

R. Jonathan Henderson, MD, moderates a panel focused on LUGPA’s efforts to influence government policy on behalf of the urology field. The panel features Deepak Kapoor, MD, Mara R. Holton, MD, and Scott B. Sellinger, MD, FACS.

How to cite: Henderson, R. Jonathan. “LUGPA Government Policy Panel.” July 2021. Accessed Jun 2024. https://grandroundsinurology.com/ipcu-session-review-mens-prostate-health/

About The 31st Annual International Prostate Cancer Update:

The International Prostate Cancer Update (IPCU), founded in 1990, is a multi-day CME conference focused on prostate cancer treatment updates with expert, international faculty. It is led by expert physicians and is designed for urologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The educational activities featured here were presented during the 31st iteration of the meeting in July 2021 in Snowbird, Utah.