Mark Emberton, MD, FRCS, presented “Focal Modalities, Maps and Margins: Optimizing Oncologic Efficacy” during the 2022 Frontiers in Oncologic Prostate Care and Ablative Local Therapy symposium on September 23, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.

How to cite: Emberton, Mark. “Focal Modalities, Maps and Margins: Optimizing Oncologic Efficacy.” September 23, 2022. Accessed May 2024.

Focal Modalities, Maps and Margins: Optimizing Oncologic Efficacy – Summary

Mark Emberton, MD, FRCS, Professor of Interventional Oncology at the University College London, discusses the options for destroying prostate cancer tissue in a predictable and reliable manner, including the current technologies and their impacts on treatment strategies. He ends with examples of modern lesion management. He explains the range of options available and how they have evolved over time. He classifies these methods as externally applied, interstitial, and mixed. Dr. Emberton states that mixed methods provide the biggest field of development, where nanoparticles and laser light, sound waves, or magnetic fields initiate a toxic payload that has some degree of cancer cell activity. However, current technologies require physicians to target areas and not cancer cell activity directly. Furthermore, energy sources are limited by their physical attributes, and physicians adjust by overlapping and repeating treatments. An August 2022 study’s findings indicate that different energy sources seem to have different effects on prostate tissue, in contrast to the standard belief that the energy source used to remove the tissue does not matter. Next, Dr. Emberton denotes who is eligible for focal therapy, but also how eligibility is only a component of modern lesion management. Abnormalities in MRIs include visible and non-visible lesions that qualify the disease. Imaging allows physicians to see a range of phenotypes from prostate cancer, including PSMA and MRI positive and negative lesions. He then highlights cases and their subsequent treatment strategies, demonstrating how far physicians can push the limits with focal therapy while maintaining efficacy.

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