Aditya Bagrodia, MD, FACS, presented “Penile Cancer Fundamentals” during the 30th Annual Perspectives in Urology: Point-Counterpoint, on March 10, 2023, at Humphreys Half Moon Inn, San Diego, California.

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Penile Cancer Fundamentals – Summary

Aditya Bagrodia, MD, FACS, discusses the fundamentals of penile cancer. He begins by acknowledging that penile cancer is rare, with approximately 2,000 cases diagnosed and 470 deaths reported each year.

In this presentation, Dr. Bagrodia covers:

  • Types of Penile Cancer
  • Risk and Mitigating Factors for Penile Cancer
  • Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes for Penile Cancer

Dr. Bagrodia concludes that penile cancer is treatable when diagnosed at an early stage. He stresses the importance of early biopsies, and overcoming patient hesitance and embarrassment by reinforcing the gravity of the situation.


About the 30th Annual Perspectives in Urology: Point Counterpoint conference: Presented by Program Chair and Grand Rounds in Urology Editor-in-Chief E. David Crawford, MD, this conference brought together leading experts in urology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology to discuss and debate the latest topics in genitourinary cancers, primarily prostate cancer and bladder cancer. This interactive conference offered topical lectures, pro/con debates, interesting-case presentations, interactive panel discussions, and interactive audience and faculty networking. 


Aditya Bagrodia, MD is an Associate Professor and genitourinary oncology disease team leader in the Department of Urology at UC San Diego Health.

Dr. Bagrodia earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, graduating with highest honors. He was awarded a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship in clinical research at UT Southwestern Medical Center where he completed his residency in urology. Dr. Bagrodia completed a fellowship in urologic oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he received an American Urological Association Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars Grant.

Dr. Bagrodia’s clinical practice comprises all urologic malignancies including adrenal, upper tract, renal, bladder, prostate, penile, and testicular cancers. He has expertise in complex multidisciplinary management and minimally invasive approaches to urologic surgery.

Dr. Bagrodia’s clinical and research focus is on patients with germ cell tumors. His laboratory centers on sequencing efforts to understand tumor evolution and heterogeneity in germ cell tumors as well as to identify novel biomarkers to recognize occult metastatic disease. On the clinical side, Dr. Bagrodia is actively involved with understanding and overcoming unique socio-epidemiological considerations that adversely impact oncologic outcomes in patients with germ cell tumors. He is also the principal investigator for several germ cell tumor-directed clinical trials.

Dr. Bagrodia has conducted extensive research in urologic oncology, primarily in biomarker profiles and molecular signatures of urologic tumors as predictors of clinical outcomes. He is funded through competitive grants from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), intramural grants, and NIH funding.

Dr. Bagrodia is the principal author or co-author of more than 190 articles, including more than 50 articles devoted to germ cell tumors, in peer-reviewed publications such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Nature Genetics, European Urology, and the Journal of Urology. He is also the co-host of Backtable Urology, a podcast devoted to the practical education of urology providers.