Max Reiboldt, CPA, presented “Urology Leadership and New Generations​” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in October 2020.

Part 1 – Summary:

In the first segment of a 2-part lecture, Max Reiboldt, CPA, President and CEO of Coker Group, discusses differences in work habits and demographics between Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials in urology. Mr. Reiboldt explains that while Baby Boomers still represent the majority of practicing urologists, members of this generation are retiring at an accelerated rate, and Generation Xers and Millennials—the so-called “Next Gen”—are rapidly replacing them in leadership roles. The Next-Gen urologists have a different demographic make-up than the Baby Boomers, with greater ethnic, class, and gender diversity, and also possess different workplace values and habits, such as being less formal, more technologically adept, and more interested in maintaining a good work-life balance than their Boomer counterparts. Mr. Reiboldt argues that understanding these generational differences is key to keeping pace with the rapid changes occurring in the urology field.

Part 2 – Summary:

In the second part of his lecture on new generations in urology leadership, Max Reiboldt, CPA, President and CEO of Coker Group, goes into detail about the key characteristics of Next-Gen urologists and healthcare providers as compared to Baby Boomers. He observes that while there are distinct generational differences in work style, including greater flexibility and less adherence to rules among the younger cohort, all generations share an underlying goal of delivering high-quality patient care. Mr. Reiboldt argues that it is necessary for providers to respect and understand these differences and to make the necessary changes to work well with the new urology leadership.

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