Neil H. Baum, MD, presented “Nonverbal Communication” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in July 2023.

How to cite: Baum, Neil H. MD. “Nonverbal Communication.” July 2023. Accessed May 2024.

Nonverbal Communication

Grand Rounds in Urology Contributing Editor Neil H. Baum, MD, Professor of Urology at Tulane Medical School, discusses 14 practical tips to enhance body language skills for stronger connections and improved patient care. Drawing from his vast experience, Dr. Baum highlights the remarkable correlation between effective communication skills and enhanced patient satisfaction scores, improved compliance, and potentially superior outcomes. He underscores the fact that a significant portion of human interaction is conveyed through nonverbal means, emphasizing the crucial role of body language in conveying genuine emotions and establishing a profound connection with patients.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Baum provides practical advice to healthcare professionals, cautioning against common distractions such as diverting attention to computers or cell phones during patient encounters. Dr. Baum highlights the impact of simple yet powerful gestures like smiling and employing a firm handshake. By emphasizing the importance of respecting personal space, healthcare providers can also create a comfortable and secure environment for patients. By implementing the suggested tips, practitioners can enhance their ability to connect with patients, foster trust, and ultimately improve the doctor-patient relationship, resulting in more positive healthcare experiences for all parties involved.