Siamak Daneshmand, MD, moderated “Panel Discussion on Cxbladder Genomic Urine Test for Bladder Cancer” during the International Bladder Cancer Update 2021 virtual conference in April 2021.

This educational activity is sponsored by Pacific Edge Diagnostics.

How to cite: Daneshmand, Siamak. “Panel Discussion on Cxbladder Genomic Urine Test for Bladder Cancer” April 2021. Accessed Apr 2024.

Panel Discussion on Cxbladder Genomic Urine Test for Bladder Cancer – Summary:

Siamak Daneshmand, MD, Professor of Urology and Director of Clinical Research at the University of Southern California (USC), along with Anne Schuckman, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology at USC, and Sima P. Porten MD, MPH, Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, participate in a panel discussion on the Cxbladder Genomic Urine Test for Bladder Cancer. Dr. Daneshmand reviews a research study that audited the clinical utility of the Cxbladder monitor assay and found that it accurately ruled out patients who did not have recurrent UC, enabling low risk patients to undergo cystoscopy at a longer-than-recommended interval, thereby reducing the cystoscopy burden by 39%. He then interviews Drs. Porten and Schuckman about their experience with Cxbladder, leading the two to discuss ideal patient populations for Cxbladder, in-home sampling procedures, and situations wherein Cxbladder is most effective.

About the International Bladder Cancer Update 2021 virtual conference:
The International Bladder Cancer Update (IBCU) is a CME conference focused on the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer. The conference offers medical professionals an opportunity to listen to updates from, and interact with, expert international faculty to improve knowledge and determine best treatment practices to improve patient outcomes. IBCU encompasses expert lectures, interactive discussions, a panel roundtable, debates, and case presentations. It is physician-led, multi-supported, and designed for urologists, urologic oncologists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of bladder cancer.