Short Course: Prostate Cancer Prevention, Screening, and Biomarkers

About this course: The Prostate Cancer Prevention, Screening, and Biomarkers short course includes sessions from leading urology practitioners and researchers. Presented at the 2019 International Prostate Cancer Update conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado, the seven sessions included in the course present a wide-ranging professional update on prostate cancer prevention, screening, and biomarkers. Click on individual video thumbnails below to view the sessions.

About Grand Rounds in Urology Short Courses: With sessions selected and curated by Grand Rounds in Urology’s global faculty, GRU Short Courses present timely professional updates on selected urological practice and research topics. Viewers are urged to view all of the included sessions to gain the most benefit from the course. To receive notice of new Short Courses when they are published, sign up for our notification service. 

How to Optimize the Use of Prostate-specific Antigen in the Current Era (Dr. Sigrid V. Carlsson)

29 MHz High Resolution Micro-Ultrasound: Improving Real-Time Targeting of Prostate Biopsies (Dr. Neal D. Shore)

Using High Resolution Micro-Ultrasound for Prostate Biopsies for Active Surveillance (Dr. Laurence Klotz)

New Applications and Clinical Possibilities in Prostate Cancer with Micro-Ultrasound (Dr. E. David Crawford)

Live-Primary Cell Phenotypic Biomarkers and Prostate Cancer Prognosis (Dr. David M. Albala)

MicroRNA Expression Profiles Identify Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer (Dr. Laurence Klotz)

Prostate Cancer Screening: The Latin American Perspective (Dr. Arturo Mendoza-Valdes)

Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance in 2019 (Dr. Sigrid V. Carlsson)