Seth K. Bechis, MD, presented “Should MIST be First Line Treatment for BPH?” during the 43rd Annual Ralph E. Hopkins Urology Seminar on January 31, 2024, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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How to cite: Bechis, Seth K. “Should MIST be First Line Treatment for BPH?” January 31, 2024. Accessed Jun 2024.

Should MIST be First Line Treatment for BPH? – Summary

Seth K. Bechis, MD, explores whether minimally invasive surgical therapies (MIST) should be the first-line treatment for BPH. He begins by highlighting the prevalence of BPH in men over 60. He acknowledges that combination therapy is extremely effective in combating BPH in the short term, but it has several long-term risks that impact patient QoL.

Dr. Bechis highlights the negative side effects of the 5-ARIs, alpha-blockers, and surgery post-medication-failure. Side effects included an increased risk of cardiac failure, dementia, depression, and sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Bechis then examines current MIST procedures for BPH treatment, including prostatic urethral lifts, water vapor thermal therapy, temporarily implanted nitinol devices, and balloons. He examines the durability, effectiveness, and side effects of each procedure and compares them to patients on medication

Dr. Bechis concludes by comparing the cost-effectiveness of MIST procedures to the cost of medication, taking into account IPSS improvement and Quality-Adjusted Life Years over time. Overall, he suggests that MIST procedures should be explored as a first-line treatment for BPH.


About The 43rd Annual Ralph E. Hopkins Urology Seminar:

The Ralph E. Hopkins Urology Seminar is a multi-day meeting focused on training urologists in the latest in assessing, diagnosing, and treating urologic conditions in the clinical setting. Updates are provided on urologic cancers, stone disease, urologic reconstruction, female urology, infertility, sexual function, emerging surgical techniques, and general urology. The 43rd iteration of the meeting took place from January 31st to February 2nd, 2024, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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