Michael Coburn, MD, FACS, presented “Urethral Strictures Guidelines Update” during the 23rd Annual Innovations in Urologic Practice on September 14, 2018 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Urethral Strictures Guidelines Update – Summary:

Michael Coburn, MD, FACS, highlights key points from the 2016 American Urological Association (AUA) male urethral stricture guidelines. He also brings attention to certain controversial statements and evidence-based treatment approaches in special circumstances.


The 2016 AUA male urethral stricture guidelines derived evidence from a systematic review of related literature published during 1990-2015. Unfortunately, there are virtually no randomized prospective management studies pertaining to urethral strictures. The majority of the guidelines are based on level “C” evidence, in other words small case series, expert opinion, and clinical principles. This may pose a challenge when making evidence-based treatment decisions.  

This presentation highlights the key points of the 2016 AUA guidelines, such as diagnosis and initial management, dilation and internal urethrotomy, urethroplasty, anterior urethral reconstruction, pelvic fracture urethral injury, delayed posterior urethroplasty, bladder neck contracture, vesicourethral stenosis, and postoperative follow-up.

Specifically, this presentation will draw attention to controversial guideline statements. For instance, the guidelines state that patients with penile urethral strictures to undergo urethroplasty before any endoscopic intervention. The discussion covers recommended management decisions in special circumstances, such as patients requiring CIC with difficulty self-catheterizing, cases of lichen sclerosus, and cases of suspected cancer.

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