Molecular Testing with Next Generation Sequencing: Role in Urology

Michael A. Liss, MD, PhD, MAS, FACS, discusses the profound significance of molecular testing with Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) in the field of urology. With a primary focus on DNA and RNA analysis, NGS facilitates the identification of genetic mutations present in both germline and tumor DNA. This opens up new avenues for understanding the role of environmental factors, genetics, age, and dietary habits in shaping the microbiome and its impact on urological conditions.

He then discusses the potential therapeutic targets that can be identified through NGS. By analyzing the genetic profiles obtained through this advanced sequencing technique, healthcare professionals can pinpoint specific molecular aberrations that can serve as targets for innovative treatment approaches. Additionally, NGS allows for the identification of biomarkers associated with urological diseases, facilitating early detection and more precise monitoring of patients’ conditions.

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