Polascik, MD, Thomas

Polascik, MD, Thomas

Duke University Medical Center

Durham, NC

Thomas J. Polascik, MD is Professor in the Duke Cancer Institute, Department of Surgery, Duke University, Durham, NC. Dr. Polascik trained at Johns Hopkins and did an oncology fellowship under Alan W. Partin M.D. PhD. He joined the Duke faculty in 1998 and has practice and research interests in prostate and kidney cancer. He is the founder and co-director, the International Symposium on Focal Therapy and Imaging of Prostate and Kidney Cancer that began at Duke in 2008. Dr. Polascik is the Editor of Imaging and Focal Therapy of Early Prostate Cancer. He is the director of the Society of Urologic Oncology program and also the Genitourinary Program on Focal Therapy at the Duke Cancer Institute. He has published over 275 manuscripts and book chapters.

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