Thomas E. Keane, MD, presented “Case Discussion: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer” during the 33rd International Prostate Cancer Update on January 23, 2023, in Vail, Colorado.

How to cite: Keane, Thomas E. “Case Discussion: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer.” January 2023. Accessed Jun 2024.

Case Discussion: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Thomas E. Keane, MD, leads a discussion with Dr. Kader and Dr. Crawford concerning the case study of a 63-year-old patient presenting with increasing PSA levels. The panel navigates through the various considerations and next steps in patient management, with an emphasis on personalized care in prostate cancer management.

After reiterating the importance of gathering comprehensive medical history and meticulously examining the patient’s PSA history, the panel discusses the range of options available, including ordering further tests such as blood or urine tests, an MRI, or even performing a biopsy. The panel explores the complexities behind treatment decision-making, emphasizing the need to carefully weigh the risks and benefits of each approach.

Drawing upon their vast experience, the panel discusses the significance of risk calculators in evaluating the patient’s condition. While these tools provide valuable insights, the panel underscores their limitations, emphasizing the need for continued research and refinement. Additionally, they explore the emerging role of MRI in detecting high-grade prostate cancer, emphasizing the importance of standardized and high-quality interpretation to ensure accurate diagnoses.

About The 33rd Annual International Prostate Cancer Update:

The International Prostate Cancer Update (IPCU), founded in 1990, is a multi-day CME conference focused on prostate cancer treatment updates with expert, international faculty. It is led by expert physicians and is designed for urologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The 33rd iteration of the meeting occurred January 22-25, 2023 in Vail, Colorado. To view more educational presentations from IPCU 33, visit our collection page.