Jesse N. Mills, MD, presented “Managing the Man with Ejaculatory Dysfunction” at the 11th Urology Today conference on October 27, 2023.

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How to cite: Mills, Jesse N. Managing the Man with Ejaculatory Dysfunction.” October 2023. Accessed Apr 2024.

Managing the Man with Ejaculatory Dysfunction – Summary

Jesse N. Mills, MD, presents management strategies for men presenting with ejaculatory dysfunctions, ranging from premature ejaculation to ejaculodynia. He begins by acknowledging that there is no current FDA-approved treatment specifically for any kind of ejaculatory dysfunction.

Dr. Mills then separates men presenting with ejaculatory dysfunction into distinct categories based on the symptom they are experiencing, and follow-up questions to ask these patients. These five main groups are Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation, Anejaculation, Ejaculodynia, and Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Mills discusses each category of dysfunction and available treatment options. He concludes by highlighting the need for further study of post-orgasmic illness syndrome.

About The 11th Urology Today Conference:

Presented by chair Ryan P. Terlecki, MD, FACS, the 11th Urology Today conference was designed to keep urologists, urologic oncologists, and other healthcare providers educated on the most pertinent issues in urology practices. Areas of focus included urologic oncology, men’s health and reconstruction, female urology, pediatric urology, kidney stones and related conditions, and methods of providing the best care amidst the required logistics of the business side of medicine.

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