Thomas J. Polascik, MD, FACS, presented “Prostate Cryoablation: Tips and Tricks” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in February, 2020.

How to cite: Polascik, Thomas J. Prostate Cryoablation: Tips and Tricks” February, 2020. Accessed May 2024.

Prostate Cryoablation: Tips and Tricks – Summary:

Thomas J. Polascik, MD, FACS, a professor of urology at the Duke Cancer Institute, gives an overview of tips and tricks for successful cryoablation of the prostate while avoiding preventable complications from the procedure. He discusses common areas of complication and injury during cryoablation, including sphincteric incontinence, rectal fistula, and urethral slough, as well as the possibility of incomplete ablation resulting in PSA recurrence. Dr. Polascik then outlines common reasons for injury or incomplete cover to the prostate, urethra, rectum, and sphincter, as well as techniques to ensure a successful cryoablation surgery.