PROFILE Study: Early Data on Targeted Screening for Prostate Cancer in Men of African and African Caribbean Ancestry

Jana McHugh, MB Bch BAO (Hons), MRCPI, FFR, presents the results from the ongoing PROFILE study, a multi-cohort study of targeted screening for groups of men at higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Specifically, Dr. McHugh presents the early results of PROFILE’s second cohort: Men of African and African Caribbean ancestry aged 40-69. Dr. McHugh begins by providing an overview of the design of the PROFILE study, explaining the criteria for inclusion in the study, the PSA-dependent and PSA-independent arms of the study, and treatment options for prostate cancer patients.

Dr. McHugh then turns to the role of polygenic risk scores in prostate cancer screening, focusing on genetic risk score and race. She notes that prostate cancer was detected in 39% of the PROFILE study’s second cohort thus far, and highlights the need for further exploration into the role of genetic risk score in prostate cancer screening.

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