Veda N. Giri, MD

Veda N. Giri, MD

Yale School of Medicine

New Haven, Connecticut

Veda N. Giri, MD is a medical oncologist specializing in clinical cancer genetics. Dr. Giri is Division Chief of Clinical Cancer Genetics for Yale School of Medicine and Assistant Director of Clinical Cancer Genetics at Yale Cancer Center, where she leads an effort in cancer genetic evaluation for precision medicine, tailored cancer screening, and hereditary cancer assessment.

Dr. Giri has had a focused research interest in developing the field of genetic counseling and genetic testing for inherited prostate cancer. Dr. Giri started the first Men’s Genetic Risk Clinic in the US in 2014 focused on genetic evaluation of inherited prostate cancer in the setting of multidisciplinary care. Dr. Giri also co-chaired the 2017 and 2019 Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Consensus Conferences that addressed development of comprehensive frameworks for genetic evaluation and implementation of genetic testing for prostate cancer. She is the Principal Investigator of multiple grant-funded prostate cancer genetic evaluation studies spanning genetic counseling, genetic testing, disparities, behavioral science, and implementation research. Dr. Giri has vested interest to expand research to address the genetic evaluation needs of cancer patients and community populations.


Talks by Veda N. Giri, MD

Virtual Genetics Board for Enhancing Knowledge and Practice of Prostate Cancer Genetic Testing – The ENGAGEMENT Study

In this 6-minute video, Veda N. Giri, MD, Division Chief of Clinical Cancer Genetics at Yale and Assistant Director of Clinical Cancer Genetics at Yale Cancer Center, discusses the virtual genetics board for enhancing knowledge and practice of prostate cancer genetic testing and the ENGAGEMENT study. She explains that this board aims to elucidate genetics topics from PCa germline testing to genetic counseling.

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Implementation of Germline Testing for Prostate Cancer: Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2019

Veda N. Giri, MD, Director of Cancer Risk Assessment and Clinical Cancer Genetics at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center of Thomas Jefferson University, discusses the decisions reached about the implementation of germline testing at the 2019 Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference. She summarizes the conclusions the voting participants came to, including recommendations on who should receive germline testing, what should be discussed with men in terms of informed consent, which genes should be prioritized for testing, and who should be enrolled in precision medicine trials, among other topics. In a follow-up interview, E. David Crawford, MD, Professor of Urology at the University of California, San Diego, asks Dr. Giri about which laboratories and panels to use, the limitations of commercial genetic testing like 23andMe, and the role of online genetic counseling.

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