The Expanding World of Germline Testing for Prostate Cancer: A Clinical Trials Perspective

William L. Dahut, MD, CCR Scientific Director for Clinical Research for the National Cancer Institute, summarizes a talk he presented at the 2019 Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Conference on recent developments from clinical trials of germline testing for prostate cancer. He discusses current NCCN recommendations for prostate cancer, challenges in training and availability of genetic counselors, and previews an upcoming study of men with high genetic risk of prostate cancer.

This educational activity is based on a series of lectures on genetic testing for prostate cancer from the 2019 Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference. Further activities from this conference include:

Current Prostate Cancer Genetic Testing Capabilities and Considerations
A Urologist’s Perspective on Germline Testing
Integration of Germline Testing in Prostate Cancer Screening

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