Neil H. Baum, MD, presented “Medication Compliance for Urologists (Part 2 of 2)” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in August 2020.

How to cite: Baum, Neil H. Medication Compliance for Urologists (Part 2 of 2)” August 2020. Accessed Sep 2021.


In the second of a two-part series, GRU Contributing Editor Neil H. Baum, MD, Professor of Urology at Tulane Medical School, offers more suggestions on how to deal with poor medication compliance, noting the impact of non-compliance on morbidity and disease progression. He first discusses the use of technology-smart amber vials that help patients take their medications on time. Dr. Baum also identifies companies that are offering help to patients with medication compliance, including, Walgreens, and even Google/Alexa search. He further recommends prescribing one pill for multiple medications, something urologists will be familiar with, having used alpha blockers and 5ARIs for years. Dr. Baum also notes that the future of medication will simplify this problem with the introduction of 3D printed personalized polypills, and illustrates the changes with a case study.

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