Peter R. Carroll, MD, MPH, presented “New Advances in Next-Generation Imaging: PyL PSMA PET/CT” for the Grand Rounds in Urology audience in January 2021.

How to cite: Carroll, Peter R. “Changes in Prostate Cancer Presentation Following the 2012 USPSTF Screening Statement” January 2021. Accessed Dec 2023.

New Advances in Next-Generation Imaging – PyL PSMA PET/CT: Summary

Grand Rounds in Urology Editor-in-Chief E. David Crawford, MD, Professor of Urology at UC San Diego, interviews Peter R. Carroll, MD, MPH, Professor of Urology and Prostate Cancer at UC San Francisco, about PSMA PET/CT imaging for prostate cancer, focusing particularly on a promising new PSMA agent called PyL. The only PSMA agent currently approved for use in the United States is 68Gallium, which has a very short half-life and must be manufactured on-site. In part for this reason, 68Gallium PSMA can only be used at UCSF and UCLA. Dr. Carroll explains that PyL PSMA PET behaves similarly to 68Gallium PSMA PET, with greater sensitivity and capacity to trigger a change in treatment plans than standard imaging, but that the PyL agent is more stable, which should make it an easier product to distribute. Drs. Crawford and Carroll then consider the benefits of PSMA testing in general, noting how it could soon replace technetium bone scans as well as choline and axumin PET scans. Dr. Carroll also emphasizes PSMA PET’s role in defining the oligometastatic state. They conclude by discussing PSMA PET and theranostics. 

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