Brian S. Christine, MD, presented “Use of Social Media in Men’s Health Urologic Practice” during the Innovations in Urologic Practice 2020 virtual conference in September 2020.

How to cite: Christine, Brian S. Use of Social Media in Men’s Health Urologic Practice.” September 26th, 2020. Accessed Jun 2024.

Use of Social Media in Men’s Health Urologic Practice – Summary

Brian S. Christine, MD, a urologist and Fellowship Director and Director of Prosthetic Urology and Men’s Sexual Health at the Urology Centers of Alabama in Birmingham, discusses the use of social media in men’s health urologic practices. He begins by discussing older mediums and why they are no longer effective at getting the word out, as well as the limitations of word of mouth. He goes on to talk about why leveraging social media platforms is important for reaching the widest possible audience and attracting new patients. Dr. Christine then explains what has worked for him and his practice and what has not. He emphasizes the importance of creating a personal website that is separate from the practice that can be linked to all of one’s social media accounts. He also highlights the social media platform that has been the most effective for him: Youtube. Youtube is particularly helpful because it allows users to upload high-quality educational videos; the majority of Dr. Christine’s new patients that seek him out on their own do so after watching one of his surgical videos. Dr. Christine then gives advice about how to be successful on Youtube and pitfalls to avoid when making videos. He offers specific tips about how to make the same kind of high-quality videos that appear on his Youtube channel. Finally, he observes that the biggest roadblock is not making the commitment to begin.

About the Innovations in Urologic Practice 2020 virtual conference:
Presented by co-chairs Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH, and Michael Coburn, MD, FACS, the Innovations in Urologic Practice conference provides a detailed review and commentary on multiple genitourinary and urologic diseases. Among the featured oncological topics are bladder cancer and immunotherapies, as well as upper tract cancer management, prostate cancer, including state-of-the-art imaging, focal therapy, and MRI. Experts also discuss new tools and techniques for nephrectomy and treating advanced renal cell carcinoma. In terms of general urological approaches, the conference also includes pelvic reconstruction and trauma, men’s health topics like male infertility and sexual dysfunction, and ways to diagnose and treat infections in the urology patient. Dr. Christine presented this talk virtually at the 2020 conference.