Welcome to the 19th Future Directions in Urology Symposium Attendee Portal

Use this portal to check the agenda, look up faculty members, and access the Slack ARS System.

During this conference, we will be using a new audience response (ARS). This system runs through a program called Slack. Slack allows you to answer ARS questions, add comments to the questions, and partake in group discussions.

The button above will bring you to a webpage that will allow you to join the “Future Directions in Urology” Slack Workspace.

Once you join, the main function you will utilize in Slack is answering ARS question polls. To answer ARS questions, click the channel name that is lit up in bold white. Click on the answer you think is correct in the poll. You can also make a comment by clicking on the “Add a Comment” button.

For further instructions on how to use slack, refer to the tutorial below.