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Long-term Morbidity of ADT and Radiation Therapy

Nelson N. Stone, MD, discusses long-term data about extended neoadjuvant hormone therapy following radiation therapy for high-risk prostate cancer patients. He observes the morbidity, mortality, and testosterone recovery rates of extended hormone therapy, especially in patients treated with hormone therapy for over 6 months.

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The Use of Genomic Markers and Prostate Biopsy Decisions

E. David Crawford, MD, discusses the concept of disruptive technologies—developments which displace established technology or create entirely new industries—in the context of prostate cancer treatment and diagnosis. He reviews new and developing technologies transforming prostate cancer care, and discusses how they can be constructive as well as destructive.

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Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: 2018 Guidelines

Michael S. Cookson, MD, MMHC, outlines the purpose, methodology, and background for recently released guidelines for treating muscle invasive bladder cancer, including cisplatin-based chemotherapy. He highlights recommendation statements regarding patient counseling, neoadjuvant/adjuvant chemotherapy, radical cystectomy, pelvic lymphadenectomies, and more.

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Perioperative Pathways: What We Know Works

Sanjay G. Patel, MD, outlines the rationale behind implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols in order to reduce stress, maintain postoperative physiology, and enhance mobilization for patients undergoing cystectomy. He then reviews the data evaluating different ERAS interventions in each perioperative period.

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